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Now, Members of the Military can See & Talk Live with Family and Friends by Live Video Conferencing. The Military Connector is a Free Service. Users can call anywhere in the world, at anytime and Talk as long as they want.
  Almost all military bases and ships are listed. Both Active and Former military members can be listed, Family Members and Friends can also use the service to initiate Free Video Calls.

The Military Connector also features Video Mail and Voice Messaging, as well as Text Messaging. It’s your complete private, portable, video communication network.
The Military Connector includes full Video Collaberation features: There’s an InterAct Board with Telestrator and Laser Pointer to assist in Video Presentations. You can transfer documents and files, photos, videos, music, etc from computer to computer. You can even remotely control another person’s computer or access your home computer (with permission from the remote location of course).

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